Updated for the 2019 season!

Almost every document or resource you might need is available on the US Ski & Snowboard or FIS websites.  (OK, a few other places too.)   This page serves as an index to guide you to the correct webpage where you can view or download documents.  Let us know if you encounter any broken links or are unable to locate the Alpine Official information that you need.

Alpine Competition Guide

Alpine Officials Manual

Alpine Officials Study Guides

Alpine Teaching Review & Update

Barry B-Net Installation Guidelines

Code of Conduct

Competition Guide

Concussion Policy

  • Action Plan and USSA Administrative Role
  • List of Athletes on Membership Hold
  • USSA Concussion Evaluation Form and Parent/Guardian Info Letter
  • USSA Concussion Policy Form

FIS Homologations (Courses, Gate Panels, Flex Poles)

FIS Points Rules

FIS Precisions

FIS Race Forms

FIS Rules and Documents

FIS Timing Documents

Gate Judge Video

Homologated Courses List (USSS) and General Information

Homologated Courses - Tri-State Venues (as of 4/30/2019)

Homologation Reports (password required)

Homologated Timing Equipment


Master Packet of Forms

Masters Competition Guide

National / FIS Software

Points List

Precisions (FIS)

Precisions (US Ski & Snowboard) (when available)

Review & Update for Continuing Education

Race Scoring Software (Split Second)

Study Guides

Timing and Race Administration (US Ski & Snowboard)

Timing Booklet (FIS)

Tri-State Homologated Course Status (as of 4/30/2019)

US Ski & Snowboard Course Homologation

US Ski & Snowboard Precisions (when available)

Vola (SkiAlp Pro timing software)

Vola (USSA info, license keys, user manual)

Wireless Timing Precisions