Referee - Jury Advisor

Clinic and Exam Preparation
Download and study the three documents identified below.  Together they cover just about everything that might appear on the Referee or Jury Advisor exam.  The documents can be downloaded from this US Ski & Snowboard webpage:

  1. Referee Study Guide
  2. 2024 Season Update & Review
  3. Alpine Competition Guide (You may have already received your 'Comp Guide' in the US Mail.  If so, you do not need to download a copy from here.)

One of the most important steps in preparing for the Referee exam is taking the time to thoroughly read Ch 7: Competition Regulations in the Competition Guide.  The exam is an ‘open book’ format so you can have your 'Comp Guide' and the Alpine Officials Update & Review on hand during the exam.  Use of the Study Guide and/or a computer (laptop, tablet, smartphone) is not permitted during exams.