AO Exam Preparations

Select a tab above for specific recommendations on how best to prepare for select Alpine Official (AO) clinics and exams.  History has shown that those who prepare in advance for the exams come to the clinics with specific questions on topics they didn't understand or would like to learn more about.  In addition, they tend to spend less time completing their exams!

You should also be aware that USSA publishes Study Guides for all of the AO specialty areas.  Each of these guides cover a great number of topics important to each specialty area.  This makes them a great refresher for experienced officials as well as those preparing to take an AO exam:

  • Chief of Course (CC)
  • Chief of Race (CR)
  • Competition Official (CO)
  • Race Administration (RA)
  • Referee (RF)
  • Technical Delegate (TD)
  • Timing and Calculations - Basic (TC1)
  • Timing and Calculations - Advanced (TC3)

Any/all of these Study Guides can be downloaded from this USSA webpage: 

Links to exam prep suggestions for:

As you prepare for a specific AO exam, questions may arise that just can't wait. If this happens you are always welcome to contact the Alpine Officials Chair, John Higgins [email protected]