General Competition Rules


(In addition please refer to age specific rules)


The Tri State Alpine Racing Association (T/S) is the official governing body under the United States Ski Association (USSA) in the tri-state region of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. As T/S is the liaison with the Eastern Region of USSA, T/S coordinates all alpine racing in this geographical area and complies with USSA competition regulations and other provisions of its by-laws.


The mission of Tri State Alpine Ski Racing is to provide a safe, fair ski-racing venue, to promote camaraderie, competitiveness, athleticism and sportsmanship in grass roots programs. We strive to maintain national and international standards through membership in USSA and continual coaches’ education.

We envision our athletes becoming solid, productive citizens of the community and leaders of their generation. We value the elements of individual achievement, teamwork and proper conduct in our athletes.



Tri State supports the Competition Regulations of USSA which provide a framework in which the various ski programs are developed and operated at all levels. It particularly endorses the policy for sportsmanlike conduct which states that competitors, coaches, officials or other personnel may be reprimanded, disqualified or suspended for conduct at USSA events that is prejudicial to the sport, as recommended by member organizations and so determined by a Division's Board of Directors.

While affiliated with Tri-State and attending or competing in any USSA event, athletes, coaches and parents are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate, sportsmanlike manner. Any athlete, coach or parent that is determined to have violated the Code of Conduct rules as delineated in the USSA Competition Guide may face disciplinary action or suspension of their athlete at the determination of the Tri-State Board of Directors.

A Race Jury, or the Tri State Appeals Board, may prevent a racer disqualified for misconduct from competing in one or more future races.


Do not force an unwilling child to participate in skiing. Children are involved in organized sport for their enjoyment, not yours. Encourage your child to participate according to the rules and good sportsmanship conduct. Teach your child that honest effort is as important as victory so that the result of each ski competition is accepted without undue disappointment. Turn defeat into victory by helping your child work toward skill development and good sportsmanship. Children learn by example. Applaud good runs by your team and by members of the opposing team. Do not publicly question the race officials' judgment or the gate judges. Support all effort to remove verbal and physical abuse from children's sporting activities. Recognize the value and importance of volunteers, officials and coaches. They give of their time and resources to provide recreational activities for your child. Become a volunteer yourself.


Tri State, the US Ski Association and the US Ski Team recognize the significance of education and encourage athletes to pursue academic goals.


USSA competitors are required to have valid and sufficient medical and accident insurance coverage and to accept full responsibility for the provision of coverage as a condition of participation in training and competition per the Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risk and Release Statement (provided when you signed your USSA agreement). It is recommended that proof of this insurance be carried with the racer and available at each race so that prompt medical or hospital care can be authorized, if ever needed. The USSA insurance program involves liability coverage and is not a medical or accident plan. Racers are encouraged to check with their own insurance policies and also with USSA for any additional applicable coverage.

NOTE: HELMETS ARE MANDATORY FOR ALL EVENTS FOR ALL SKIERS! Helmets must be age and event appropriate as outlined in the most current competition guide.


You must be a classified alpine member of USSA Competition in order to compete in T/S. You must present your competition license to the race organizers on the day of the race. Failure to do so may result in your not being able to race that day. You must fill out all entries neatly and completely. Do not use nick names. You may not be able to race if your entries are not filled out correctly. Enter your complete SEVEN DIGIT USSA/EASTERN number to assure credit on a USSA seeding list.


Understand Schedules May Change. It is YOUR responsibility to check on whether or not races have been postponed or canceled. Race committees cannot notify each racer.

REMEMBER If you have any questions concerning T/S, contact your coach, program director, or refer to this web site under the appropriate category.

The Tri-State Alpine Racing Association (T/S) is the official governing body under the United States Ski Association (USSA) in the Tri-State region of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. It is the responsibility of T/S to organize competitions and to select quotas T/S is not responsible for coaching, transportation, housing or chaperoning at any event.

USSA MEMBERSHIP: All amateur ski racing in the United States comes under the organization of the United States Ski Association. Any skier wishing to compete in a USSA sanctioned race must first become a member of USSA with a valid competition license. This membership must be renewed each year. A USSA membership number is assigned when a skier first joins the organization and does not change as long as the skier retains their membership. A racer must put this membership number on every race entry form and must take this membership card to all races.

T/S MEMBERSHIP: In order to be eligible for selection to a T/S quota, one must be a member of T/S. To qualify for membership in T/S one must either attend school in, train in, or reside in the T/S region. In addition to the USSA membership, an individual must join T/S.

Tri State Membership Deadline for Quota Selection or Post-Season Eligibility

November 30th for renewal members December 15th for new members

COMPETITION AGE GROUPS: Competitors are assigned to groups according to age, as follows:

SR Ages 21 and older (born 1993 or earlier) U21 Ages 18-20 (born 1994, 1995 or 1996) U18 Ages 16 and 17 (born 1997 or 1998) U16 Ages 14 and 15 (born 1999 or 2000) U14 Ages 12 and 13 (born 2001 or 2002) U12 Ages 10 and 11 (born 2003 or 2004)

Also, please refer to age specific rules on this web site for additional information.

Participation in all USSA sanctioned state, regional, and national events is fully explained in the USSA Competition Guide. Information about the USSA ladder system, membership, athlete's rights, competition rules, schedules, entering competitions, and many other important topics are included. Athletes and their parents who have questions should first consult their Competition Guide for the answer. Further questions should be directed through the athlete's coach or program director.