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TSASRA Virtual Town Meeting   


October 28th, 2020 7pm

The Tri-State Alpine Ski Racing Board of Directors has continued to meet and be active since last month's email update.  As mentioned then, we are now providing an update on the regular Fall Meeting of the members of TSASRA, which will be held on Wednesday, October 28th, at 7:00 pm. This meeting will also serve as a Town Hall on the current state of Tri-State Alpine Ski Racing and plans for the upcoming season. Please note that meetings are only open to currently registered Tri-State and U.S. Ski and Snowboard members over 18 years of age registration, so this email should serve as another reminder to register: https://my.usskiandsnowboard.org


If you plan on joining us next Wednesday, you must register. Registration is free but required to attend      ( link below)


The Board determined last Spring that a physical annual meeting and election of directors was not possible. While no Board elections will be held on October 28th, the membership will be asked to vote on proposed changes to the TSASRA Bylaws. The relevant documents have been posted to the Tri-State website below, and we ask that you review them in advance.


  •   Bylaw Voting Ballot    

    Please click the following link to submit your Ballot.    TSASRA BYLAW & MISSION STATEMENT VOTING BALLOT FORM

    The links can also be found on the TSASRA website front page.
  •    Bylaw Questions        
                    If you have questions or concerns with the proposed TSASRA Bylaw Amendments, PLEASE SUBMIT THEM HERE    
                  The links can also be found on the TSASRA website front page. Also, feel free to reach out to any member of the Bylaws Committee as listed there

    Other Discussion Items we will address
  •  COVID-19 guidelines and their implications -Please visit the TSASRA COVID-19 Information Hub webpage
  • Alpine Officials Clinic and Coaches Education update
  •  Potential age group race schedules and alternative scenarios
  • An update from the Eastern Alpine Competition Committee meetings
  • All regular officer reports




Brian Fairbanks, 2020 U.S Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame

Fairbank, Brian - Widely recognized as a pioneer in green energy and sustainability,
Brian was an early shepherd of renewable energy, installing a 1.5MW wind turbine at Jiminy Peak.
His innovative thinking later sparked the addition of a 2.3MW solar facility,
making Jiminy the first resort in America powered by 100% local renewable energy.
In 2008 NSAA recognized the effort with the Golden Eagle Award


TSASRA Bylaws and Mission Statement Update 9-28-2020

TSASRA Presidents Message 9-27-2020

Greeting Tri-State Alpine Ski Racing  Members,


It is my pleasure to give everyone an update of our current state of affairs with Tri-State Alpine Ski Racing Ass. (TSASRA)  during these difficult times under our present circumstances with COVID-19. Since the season ended so abruptly in March because of COVID-19, the TSASRA Board hopes that all of our members are healthy and safe. We on the board have been working hard on several projects in order to move forward next season in this new environment. With the limited ability to be able to meet with our members for our annual meeting, the board has been working through Zoom meetings. During these meetings, we have been working on all matters of operations for the organization to run the best and most productive events this season.


The following items were covered during these summer zooms:

1) Revision of  the current Bylaws and Operational Procedures  (Thank you Bylaw committee for your many hours on this)

2) Homologation update for this season

3) Schedules (which will include an A and B plan for all possible situations)

4) Financials from the past season and preparation for the future season

5) EACC meeting / U. S. Ski and Snowboard club discussions 

6) State, Mt Management and U.S Ski and Snowboard  COVID-19 guidelines


It is extremely important that we look at all possible situations and prepare for them concurrently.  In these difficult times, we are all going to have to be flexible and make adjustments to events and schedules as they occur. Most importantly, though, is that we all register for this season with U.S Ski and Snowboard. Despite these difficult times, we in TSASRA honestly believe that there will be a season, and we all need to prepare for it.  We are presently waiting to hear the latest guideline from each State and Ski area management on how we are going to move forward in this new environment. As soon as this happens, we will be able to update our plans and advise all members. At this time, we do not know how we will host our Fall members' meeting, but as soon as that is set, we will pass it along.  Please remember to register with U.S Ski and Snowboard.  We are looking forward to running the best possible events for our members. Thank you for your dedication and support to alpine ski racing in our region and have a great and safe fall.


Best Regards

Mike Kemmer

President of Tri-State Alpine Ski Racing